The D vs. San Fran

The D vs. San Fran

Game 1 of the 2012 World Series kicks off tonight as my Detroit Tigers take on the San Fransisco Giants, I’m hoping and expecting a good World Series (that hopefully people will watch).

I’d figure instead of breaking in down by players I’d figure I’d break it down by stuff in each of the cities, since I’m from Detroit and San Fransisco was one of my favorite cities to ever visit.

Vacation Desination
Let’s be honest, other than me, when’s the last time you heard someone say I’m going on vacation to Detroit. It doesn’t happen. Edge: San Fransisco

There’s so many choices in each city, but you can’t be a Coney Dog from Detroit, plus I’m not a lover of seafood. Edge: Detroit

Things to do
Had this World Series taken place before say 1998 I would easily say San Fransisco. But Detroit has changed in the last 15 years and there’s a lot to do downtown and the surrounding areas I can keep myself busy there all week. San Fran has a lot to offer as well from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz. Detroit has the Henry Ford Museum, Casinos and more theaters seats east of the Mississippi than any other city except New York. Edge: Draw

Motown vs. the Summer of Love. Music that has come out of both cities have stood the test of time. But since the 60s’ Detroit has keep on producing movie superstars like Seger, Nugent, Cooper, Kid Rock, Eminem, and the White Stripes. Edge: Detroit

Both ballparks are new and are beautiful. Detroit gives you the view of downtown and San Fran gives you the view of the Cove and Bay (like Harbor Park). However there’s nothing like the seats in right in San Fran that make you feel that you’re on top of the field. Edge: San Fransisco

I like San Fran, but I LOVE Detroit, it’ll always be my home. World Series pick: Tigers in six!

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