Mike Arlo is Mr. Classic Rock in Hampton Roads. He’s been rockin’ radio listeners since 1975.

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Birth date: Late July during the Jurassic period.
Hometown: Virginia Beach (When I was growing up it was called Princess Anne County).
Hampton Roads resident since: Truman was living in the White House.
With the Fox since: 1996
Spouse: Lauren
Children: Two beautiful daughters Monique and Brigette (They are 19 years apart in age.You don’t want your kids to be in diapers too close together.)
Pets: 2 Dogs Mavis the tripod puggle and Phoebe the orphan hound.
Hobbies: NASCAR, working in my  new garage, NASCAR, refinishing antiques, NASCAR, working in my yard, NASCAR, Camping and hiking, NASCAR, fishing, and I did mention I like NASCAR?


Band or artist: Everything we play on the Fox.
Song: Good Day Sunshine and In My Life by the Beatles, Cowboy in the Jungle and a Pirate Looks at Forty by Jimmy Buffet, Low Spark by High Healed Boys by Traffic.
Album: Abbey Road by the Beatles.
Concert: Supertramp 1977 Hampton Coliseum (Even in the Quietest Moments tour)James Taylor July 88 also in the Coliseum Billy Joel (52nd Street Tour) Eagles (Long Run Tour) Harry Chapin Dec.77 all in Scope, and Page & Plant were awesome at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.
TV shows: All the C.S.I’s, House, Reno 911, Dresden Files, Monk, Inside Nextel Cup, DaVinci’s Inquest, Almost everything on the History Channel and A & E.
Movie: Princess Bride, It’s A Wonderful Life, Wizard of Oz, Shrek, and Forrest Gump,  Talladega Nights.
Food: It’s a tie between mashed potatoes with Lauren’s gravy, and snow crab legs.
Superhero: Superman
Cartoon: George of the Jungle and Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Sports team: ODU, Duke, UNC, UVA or any other ACC basketball team, the Joe Gibbs coached Washington Redskins. Almost everyone behind the wheel of a Nascar Cup car, especially Joe Gibbs racing #11 with Virginia’s own Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth in the 20, and of course Rowdy Bush in the #18.
President: Washington and Jefferson (although I didn’t know either one)
Biggest mistake: Taking my ATM card with me on my last trip to Las Vegas.
I went into radio because: I was tired of “working for a living.”
When I hit the lottery: I can finally pay off my VISA.
People would be surprised to know: I was a member of the chess club in high school and I love Tchaikovsky.
I can’t stand: People yapping on the cell phone doing 5 below the speed limit in the left lane.
I can’t get enough: Butter and mayonnaise, I pile it on.
Role model: Believe it or not, my mom and dad.
Most embarrassing moment: Filming the Fox TV ad in the Britney Spears outfit.


Headshots by Mallory Hot Mess Photography

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