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Tuesday, April 10, 201204/10/2012

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Rides the Elevator with Dave Taylor

In honor of the WWE at the Hampton Coliseum tonight for Super¬†Smackdown Live I present my newest segment of elevator…

Thursday, February 2, 201202/02/2012

Hear Tracks from Van Halen’s New Album

Van Halen is realeasing a new album called A Different Kind of Truth on Tuesday, February 7 and is the…

Tuesday, January 31, 201201/31/2012

Super Bowl Commercial Preview

Matthew Broderick is taking another day off and is featured in one of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Check it…

Thursday, January 5, 201201/05/2012

Go Blue!

Congrats to Michigan on winning the Sugar Bowl over Virginia Tech (sorry Hokie fans). A few months ago I was…

Tuesday, January 3, 201201/03/2012

Best New Year’s Ever?

Not sure what you did on your New Year’s but how witnessing what these lucky people did in Maui, a…

Saturday, December 17, 201112/17/2011

Three Stooges Trailer is here

I just watched the new Three Stooges Trailer. When I heard the movie been talked about, I didn’t think it…

Wednesday, December 7, 201112/07/2011

MythBusters Experiment Doesn’t Go As Planned

Here’s a great video to¬†a story of a recent Mythbusters experiment involving Cannon Balls goes wrong.

Wednesday, November 30, 201111/30/2011

Suh Suspended

Being a Detroit Lion fan I have to admit I’m not happy with Ndamukong Suh and his actions against Green…

Monday, August 15, 201108/15/2011

Mick Jagger’s Other Band

Monday, July 18, 201107/18/2011

Jimmy Page makes another Guest Appearance

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