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Friday, October 21, 201110/21/2011

Sound effects star mouth rocks Zeppelin

Michael Winslow is that guy from the movie “Police Academy.” He has an uncanny ability to make sound effects with…

Tuesday, October 18, 201110/18/2011

Herman Cain’s pizza spin on “Imagine”

Filmed at a 1991 Press Club event. If you love fast food…not a bad rendition.

Monday, October 17, 201110/17/2011

Does luck live in Hampton Roads?

The definition of “luck;” Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Men’s Health magazine…

Friday, October 14, 201110/14/2011

Movie to feature active duty SEALS

UPDATE….SEAL themed movie “Act of Valor” in theaters February 24th. This flick was not only consulted by Navy SEALS, but…

Friday, October 14, 201110/14/2011

Drive for a living? Don’t do this

“Police say a Virginia truck driver used a device out of a James Bond movie to get out of paying…

Wednesday, October 12, 201110/12/2011

This time it’s not Tiger Woods throwing the meat around

Drinking on the golf course should only be done while playing golf, not watching the game. Apparently, a spectator that had…

Wednesday, October 12, 201110/12/2011

Finally, a formula to help us land that gold digger

Apparently women do not mind dating overweight men as long as they have plenty of money.  A new study has…

Wednesday, October 5, 201110/05/2011

Apparently, the ability to throw a football is genetic

Alright Skins fans….some good news and bad news for former Redskins QB Mark  Rypien: The good; His child inherited his ability…

Tuesday, October 4, 201110/04/2011

Don’t shoot Grandpa’s ashes into beer cans in the backyard please

Two Alabama men have launched Holy Smoke, a burial service for hunters and gun enthusiasts. The company will load the…

Friday, September 30, 201109/30/2011

Local NASCAR fans go viral…..and crazy over Dale Jr.

A Beach couple is torn. She a Dale Jr. fan, her husband a Harvick supporter. You could only imagine the…

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