Stories by Troy Brimmer

Tuesday, October 4, 201110/04/2011

Don’t shoot Grandpa’s ashes into beer cans in the backyard please

Two Alabama men have launched Holy Smoke, a burial service for hunters and gun enthusiasts. The company will load the…

Friday, September 30, 201109/30/2011

Local NASCAR fans go viral…..and crazy over Dale Jr.

A Beach couple is torn. She a Dale Jr. fan, her husband a Harvick supporter. You could only imagine the…

Tuesday, September 27, 201109/27/2011

The message: rent better movies

Sometimes it’s a blurred line between art and life. A North Carolina man crawled four days across the Utah desert…

Thursday, September 22, 201109/22/2011

Linebackers tumble like dominos

The NFL wants to crack down on fake injuries used by defensive players trying to slow down the no huddle…

Monday, September 19, 201109/19/2011

Special guest Friday morning…

Its comedy “on a stick.” Jeff Dunham is not only coming to The Ted in November, but he kicks off…

Monday, September 19, 201109/19/2011

Reason number #1286 on why we love dogs…

Patience and agility. Since I can’t even get my dog to fetch a ball, or every time I call the…

Wednesday, September 14, 201109/14/2011

How many heroes does it take to lift a car?

If you ever lose your belief in humanity and feel the sense of brotherhood is a myth…watch this video. In…

Monday, September 12, 201109/12/2011

Simon sings at the 9/11 World Trade Center tribute

Some amazing tributes for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Here’s Paul Simon with a solo, emotional version of Sounds of…

Monday, September 12, 201109/12/2011

SEAL knife made from World Trade Center steel up for auction.

Emerson has produced knives for Navy SEAL’s and now the company is putting together a knife that not only pays…

Thursday, September 8, 201109/08/2011

One Schweddy scoop or two?

Are you brave enough to put this in your grocery cart? Will the check out girl give you a strange…

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William Hurt exits George Allman biopic


The actor has pulled out of "Midnight Rider," two months after a camera assistant died while filming a scene.

yesterday in National

Teen stowaway spent hours undetected at California airport


A boy who stowed away on a flight to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet is resting in a hospital.