Stories by Troy Brimmer

Tuesday, August 30, 201108/30/2011

We’re going streaking in the quad…during a hurricane

Weather Channel reporter that got “streaked” live calls in. Eric Fisher of the Weather Channel put on some goggles and…

Tuesday, August 30, 201108/30/2011

How deep can these trucks roll?

The New England National Guard push their vehicle’s to the limit in deep flood waters…yes, it ended up a mess,…

Saturday, August 27, 201108/27/2011

It brings a new meaning to the term “storm front”

During our local hurricane coverage, reporters came across some weird things on the stormy streets….a man on  the Peninsula running…

Thursday, August 25, 201108/25/2011

Amazing photo from SEAL memorial

Got to love dogs…they always amaze me with their loyalty… Click to see details and the photo mentioned recently on…

Tuesday, August 23, 201108/23/2011

View of cassette tape now warped

Oxford English Dictionary announced the addition of several new words like “retweet,” “sexting” and “mankini.” Does anybody really need to…

Tuesday, August 23, 201108/23/2011

Shut down your texting teen…

Worried that your teen may wreck the family car while texting? Some new apps and services may save some lives.…

Monday, August 22, 201108/22/2011

Hair yanking at the track?

Rival crew chief grabs a fist full of Steve Wallace’s hair…

Thursday, August 18, 201108/18/2011

Ford vs. Chevy…your daily dose of backyard redneck engine war

Great rivalries can be found in more places than the sports field. Heck, I saw two men nearly come to blows…

Wednesday, August 17, 201108/17/2011

How much does that pilfered copper bring you these days?

Scrap metal thieves have ripped off AC units from residential backyards and businesses trying to get their hands on some…

Monday, August 15, 201108/15/2011

The new blueprint to avoid divorce

Other than not getting married….here’s Plan B. The Wall Street Journal spoke with marriage therapists to see what, if anything, is helping…

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