Stories by Troy Brimmer

Tuesday, August 9, 201108/09/2011

Help the families of fallen SEAL’s

According to their website…” you can text a donation ” “SEAL” to 90999 to give $10 to help support the Navy…

Monday, August 8, 201108/08/2011

Guitar phenom or another online hoax?

Here is a video of a young girl ripping up a version of Eruption from Van Halen. It’s hard to…

Wednesday, August 3, 201108/03/2011

Man tells his neighbors what he really thinks

He could be totally in the wrong, but who cares! He told a reporter to “leave him alone” and that…

Monday, August 1, 201108/01/2011

Think you can fish? Try “noodling”

I know Animal Planet is busy scaring the hell out of America with shark week…I won’t let my kids watch…

Monday, August 1, 201108/01/2011

Meatloaf drops on stage

Meat needs a breather. Apparently, Mr. Loaf has an asthma issue and nearly fainted on stage, but somehow he dug deep…

Thursday, July 28, 201107/28/2011

Isn’t it man’s best friend?

Where have all the strong dog breed’s gone? Usually “poo” is associated with what your dog just did on the…

Monday, July 18, 201107/18/2011

Paul McCartney hits the stage at Yankee Stadium…with a special guest

Billy Joel hits the stage with Paul More live video

Monday, July 18, 201107/18/2011

Cheap Trick escapes stage collapse during Canadian show


Friday, July 15, 201107/15/2011

Hang on honey, I’m almost pressured up

Medicine has done their part to stitch, patch and pump men to make us feel whole again. When will the…

Thursday, July 14, 201107/14/2011

Say goodbye to the TV legend that gave us three women we loved

He educated us early on what type of girl to bring home to mom. Sherwood Schwartz passed away. He was…

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