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Tuesday, July 5, 201107/05/2011

All Dads go Griswold eventually

Fourth of July weekend is a time for Dad’s to shine…but then life taps you on the shoulder and reminds…

Tuesday, July 5, 201107/05/2011

Live the life of a firework

Thursday, June 30, 201106/30/2011

The Boss says goodbye

This is a slightly revised version of the eulogy I delivered for Clarence at his memorial. I’d like to thank…

Wednesday, June 29, 201106/29/2011

New laws kick in July 1st…bikers can run on red

Some new Virginia laws will kick in July 1st. One of the most notable is for motorcyclists stuck at red…

Wednesday, June 29, 201106/29/2011

I’ll toast to that catch

We’ve had a lot of interesting foul ball catches this season.  A Virginia mom caught one while holding a baby…a…

Friday, June 24, 201106/24/2011

Sean O’Connell gives us his take on Cars 2 and Bad Teacher

Sean O’Connell is a critic for and The Washington Post. He called the Fox Morning show to give us…

Friday, June 24, 201106/24/2011

Learn from others…avoid concert regret

OK rock fans, letting loose at a concert is one of the best ways to blow off steam, feel young…

Wednesday, June 22, 201106/22/2011

Nancy Wilson from Heart has a lot of advice, for herself

I had a chance to speak with Nancy Wilson of Heart and she opened up about forgetting her whereabouts while on…

Monday, June 20, 201106/20/2011

Nope…don’t want to be this guy at 300mph

I’ve heard of “turn it and up and rip the knob off”…and “pedal to the metal”….but never anything about ripping…

Friday, June 17, 201106/17/2011

Why Vancouver turned into Detroit

Now we know why riots will break out like they did in Vancouver and if you’re not careful, you could…

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GM recalls 717K vehicles, not for ignition switches


General Motors Co. announced six recalls covering more than 700,000 vehicles in the United States for varying reasons.

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Senate panel approves Veterans Affairs nominee


Bob McDonald, President Obama's choice to run the VA, looks set for an easy Senate confirmation.