Stories by Troy Brimmer

Friday, June 24, 201106/24/2011

Sean O’Connell gives us his take on Cars 2 and Bad Teacher

Sean O’Connell is a critic for and The Washington Post. He called the Fox Morning show to give us…

Friday, June 24, 201106/24/2011

Learn from others…avoid concert regret

OK rock fans, letting loose at a concert is one of the best ways to blow off steam, feel young…

Wednesday, June 22, 201106/22/2011

Nancy Wilson from Heart has a lot of advice, for herself

I had a chance to speak with Nancy Wilson of Heart and she opened up about forgetting her whereabouts while on…

Monday, June 20, 201106/20/2011

Nope…don’t want to be this guy at 300mph

I’ve heard of “turn it and up and rip the knob off”…and “pedal to the metal”….but never anything about ripping…

Friday, June 17, 201106/17/2011

Why Vancouver turned into Detroit

Now we know why riots will break out like they did in Vancouver and if you’re not careful, you could…

Wednesday, June 15, 201106/15/2011

He does look like a young Cyborg

The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child says the staff around the house would spread rumors about the uncanny resemblance between…

Wednesday, June 15, 201106/15/2011

Call the paramedics, the puck is about to drop

Players will unlace their skates and use their blades as weapons…hockey sticks will be whittled down to spears…Game 7 of…

Monday, June 13, 201106/13/2011

Three health headlines that caught my eye: research backs up what women have used as a late night excuse for centuries

Is there a possible link between high amounts of caffeine and hearing things?  A recent study showed a link between…

Wednesday, June 8, 201106/08/2011

Soldiers charged for extra bags

Troops coming home from Afghanistan are charged for a fourth bag…wait till you hear whats in that extra bag. Come…

Tuesday, June 7, 201106/07/2011

Inspirational speeches to ignite pure greatness

We all work hard for a living, but we are lacking something. We don’t play professional sports, so we don’t…

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