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Friday, May 20, 201105/20/2011

Captain Jack is back…on screen, not in your glass

Sean O’Connell from the Washington Post and calls in to The Fox Morning Show with his review of the…

Wednesday, May 18, 201105/18/2011

Yes, he has grabbed nearly 5,000 balls.

Zach Hample is the undisputed king of getting balls at Major League games. Getting a ball at a game is…

Tuesday, May 17, 201105/17/2011

Free program might get your laptop back in your hands if stolen

Ok, if anyone ever stole my laptop or Smartphone they would have access to all of my photos, accounts and…

Tuesday, May 17, 201105/17/2011

Local man outs those tarnishing the SEAL name

Don Shipley is a former NAVY SEAL and now lives in Chesapeake. He runs a camp for people to experience…

Wednesday, May 11, 201105/11/2011

Tailgating looks Doubtful for Tidewater Parrot Heads

Jimmy Buffett is coming to Hampton Roads, but local Parrot Heads may miss out on the traditional tailgating that goes…

Wednesday, May 4, 201105/04/2011

The Destroyers need this security guard to play inside linebacker

Hundreds showed up for an open tryout for your UFL Destroyers, but the best tackler available may have been at…

Tuesday, May 3, 201105/03/2011

SEAL Team…Six?

It’s amazing how myth and legend surrounds SEAL’s, hundreds of which reside and train right here in our back yard.…

Friday, April 29, 201104/29/2011

My favorite five for this weekend

Drafting….the NFL and in racing this weekend. It’s always a good weekend for a parade and jumping dogs. Here’s my…

Wednesday, April 27, 201104/27/2011

We say goodbye to someone that made a lot of people look pretty good

You probably have never heard of Hubert J. “Hub” Schlafly Jr. He is an American pioneer that has just passed…

Monday, April 25, 201104/25/2011

What weather? Were they talking about weather?

Obviously, the rest of the world has a much different view of news weather forecast segments. In America, the weather…

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Ohio State University fires marching band director


OSU has fired the director of its celebrated marching band amid allegations he knew about "serious cultural issues" including sexual harassment.

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Ravens’ Rice suspended 2 games


Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice has been suspended without pay for the first two games of the season for violating the league's personal conduct policy.