Stories by Troy Brimmer

Monday, April 4, 201104/04/2011

Elton John doing stand up on SNL?

Got to hand it to Elton John. It would have been easy to go on SNL as just a musical…

Monday, April 4, 201104/04/2011

Meatloaf rips into Busey on reality show

Gary Busey and Meatloaf are on the same show? Why haven’t I been watching Celebrity Apprentice? I’ve been a bit…

Friday, April 1, 201104/01/2011

Guy flick alert….

Another Hangover 2 trailer has been released

Friday, April 1, 201104/01/2011

Shhhh!…It’s a gentleman’s game.

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer loses his cool and slaps a tennis ball into the crowd in the direction of a…

Thursday, March 31, 201103/31/2011

Who is this lucky?….Really

We have all dropped our cell phones on the floor, off our desk, or if you’re like me while getting…

Tuesday, March 29, 201103/29/2011

You may not know his name, but you have used his product…very carefully

We have praised him, some have cursed him and comedy writers love him. His does not possess a household name,…

Monday, March 28, 201103/28/2011

Your forecast, cloudy with a chance of light radiation…levels rising in many states

I’ll avoid the lengthy description that will put you to sleep like your old chemistry professor did, but Iodine 131…

Monday, March 28, 201103/28/2011

Southern states still have a Civil War score to settle

Apparently there is a statistical war between North Carolina and Virginia. Yes, both were once on the same side, but…

Thursday, March 24, 201103/24/2011

How does the name “Operation Odyssey Dawn” tie into the military operation in Libya?

It’s an inside look into how the finest military minds in the world come up the names behind these methodically…

Tuesday, March 22, 201103/22/2011

Want to speed? There’s an app for that

OK, so it’s not advertised as a license to speed, but you may save yourself from that next ticket. A…

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