Stories by Troy Brimmer

Tuesday, April 19, 201104/19/2011

JFK…UFO’s…CIA…and the letters

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA, shows that the president demanded to…

Friday, April 15, 201104/15/2011

World’s oldest man reveals whats kept him around so long

We say goodbye to the world’s oldest man who died in Montana at the age of 114. He now passes…

Friday, April 15, 201104/15/2011

The latest IRS audit triggers

Electronic filing and cheaper, faster tax services have narrowed the number of last minute filers, but you know that this…

Thursday, April 14, 201104/14/2011

VP napping on the job?

Is Vice President Joe Biden sleeping or just really concentrating during President Obama’s speech?

Monday, April 11, 201104/11/2011

Ooh, ooh, ohh, ohh!

I’m raising my hand like Horshack trying to get your attention. A Kotter reunion? This is way overdue and we…

Monday, April 4, 201104/04/2011

Elton John doing stand up on SNL?

Got to hand it to Elton John. It would have been easy to go on SNL as just a musical…

Monday, April 4, 201104/04/2011

Meatloaf rips into Busey on reality show

Gary Busey and Meatloaf are on the same show? Why haven’t I been watching Celebrity Apprentice? I’ve been a bit…

Friday, April 1, 201104/01/2011

Guy flick alert….

Another Hangover 2 trailer has been released  

Friday, April 1, 201104/01/2011

Shhhh!…It’s a gentleman’s game.

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer loses his cool and slaps a tennis ball into the crowd in the direction of a…

Thursday, March 31, 201103/31/2011

Who is this lucky?….Really

We have all dropped our cell phones on the floor, off our desk, or if you’re like me while getting…

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