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Friday, March 4, 201103/04/2011

Clapton at a laundromat?

Is it more surprising that Eric Clapton does his own laundry, or the fact that Eric Clapton washes his clothes…

Wednesday, March 2, 201103/02/2011

Wait, have we forgotten Sheen has been crazy for years? My favorite Sheen winning moments.

Hopefully you are “winning” with your Adonis DNA that flows through the “tiger blood” in your veins .  A lot of us…

Tuesday, March 1, 201103/01/2011

Rocket man will appear on SNL…as host!

Elton John is weeks away from coming to Hampton Roads for a sold out show and he will make a…

Tuesday, March 1, 201103/01/2011

Trying to make a difference, I’ve got your back

I wanted to congratulate Michael Duff and the rest of the organizers for the “Freeze Your Knees” charity ride to…

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