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Wednesday, July 17, 201307/17/2013

Is this really Jimmy Buffett?

While eating at a local Virginia Beach restaurant Jimmy picked up a guitar and played a few songs. See it…

Monday, July 15, 201307/15/2013

Steelers fans may cringe at this photo

Everybody has seemed to be on board with denouncing Aaron Hernandez…until this photo popped up… Is it a joke? Or…

Saturday, July 13, 201307/13/2013

Some jokes are just plain wrong

See a viral video of a TV news station broadcasting prank names of pilots involved in the San Francisco. This…

Monday, July 8, 201307/08/2013

I feel no more pain….a family shares a letter that may save lives

A soldier took his life and his family shared his last note. It is a testament to the struggles of…

Monday, July 1, 201307/01/2013

How hot is it at the scene of a fighter jet crash site?

Fortunately, no one was hurt when an F-16 fighter jet crashed in Glendale, Arizona…but how hot were the conditions for…

Tuesday, June 25, 201306/25/2013

Virtual road trip: Stones live in DC

Thanks to smartphones, you can see The Stones show in DC from Monday.

Monday, June 24, 201306/24/2013

Reunion for the first time in eight years

Are the “head games” over? Maybe this will lead to more appearances together. See the video of Lou Gramm and…

Wednesday, June 19, 201306/19/2013

Ohhhhh my…has provocative advertising gone too far?

Ever have a protein shake after a workout? Watch this viral ad take the “shake” to a new level.  

Tuesday, June 18, 201306/18/2013

One rocker sports a black eye and another sells out to Wall Street

Hear today’s classic rock headlines from Troy of The Fox morning show.   Click here to hear today’s news.  …

Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

McCartney on Colbert

See his interview and musical performances here. Plenty of funny moments.   Click here to see more

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