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Dave Taylor

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Birth Date: Usually around Labor day
Hometown: Westland, Michigan (near Detroit)
Hampton Roads Resident Since: August 2001
With the Fox since: August 2001
Spouse: None that I know of
Children: None that I know of
Pets: Two cats, who have taken over the home.
Hobbies: Love baseball, hockey and some football. Only have 8 more Major League Stadiums left to visit. Would be less but Miami and Minnesota have added new stadiums. Other hobbies includes running a Robert Plant fan website which I’ve been doing since 1996.


Band or artist: Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant… non Zeppelin related I like Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, REM, Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack just to name a few.
Song: Many… depends on the mood. Wango Tango by Ted Nugent is high on that list though!
Album: Physical Graffiti by Zeppelin or Plant’s Fate of Nations.
Concert: Iggy Pop, Halloween 2001. Zappa plays Zappa in 2007. Robert Plant at the Wolftrap in July of 2013. Many others.
TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother and Trailer Park Boys.
Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine, High Fidelity, Blue Brothers, Hot Fuzz and School of Rock
Food: Pizza, Mexican and Italian. I also love to cook.
Superhero: Batman
Cartoon: Transformers
Sports Team: Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, even the Lions, Pistons, Norfolk Tides. When it comes to Michigan sports teams. Central Michigan over Michigan State and Michigan (unless Michigan is having a good football season). Michigan over Michigan State.
President: Reagan
Biggest mistake: Not seeing Bob Seger when I had a chance in 1996 (I made up for it in April of 2013)
I went into radio because: It wasn’t as fun as accounting
When I hit the lottery: No one would ever know
People would be surprised to know: I’ve never tried coffee
I can’t stand: Bandwagons
I can’t get enough: Free food and losses by Notre Dame or Ohio State
Role model: Ernie Harwell, Chuck Barris, Benny Hill, Andy Kaufman and my parents
Most embarrassing moment: Have my jacket “adjusted” by some safety pins at a company party, one sleeve was shorter than another. Took me a while to figure out what was going on.


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