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Birth date: October 18
Hometown: Pennington, NJ (the garden part of the Garden State!)
Hampton Roads resident since: April 1996
With the Fox since: May of 2009 (Prior to that, I worked at The Fox’s sister station, FM99, for 13 years)
Spouse: Mark
Children: Ashley, 2 and step-daughter Britni, 10
Pets: None right now
Hobbies: I don’t have a lot of spare time with a 2-year-old, but I love to take her for walks to our neighborhood playground. I also like to read and scrapbook.

Band or artist: U2
Song: I could never choose just one favorite!
Album: The Unforgettable Fire from U2, Blind Faith, Houses of the Holy from Zeppelin, and Animals from Pink Floyd
Concert: U2 on The Joshua Tree Tour, Tom Petty on the Full Moon Fever Tour, The Dead in Philly on October 18, 1989 (it was my birthday and they played “Terrapin Station”)
TV shows: Survivor (yes, I still watch it), Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: New York, Mad Men, In Treatment, Californication, The Good Wife
Movie: Red Rock West (a little-known movie starring Nicholas Cage and Dennis Hopper), The Shawshank Redemption, Out of Africa
Food: Pizza, Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
Superhero: Wonder Woman
Cartoon: The Simpsons
Sports teams: Red Sox and Redskins
Biggest mistake: Just one? The list is long.
I went into radio because: I thought it would be a cool job and I wanted to play good tunes for people.
When I hit the lottery: I’ll buy my husband season tickets to the Red Sox at Fenway.
People would be surprised to know: I’m 5’10”
I can’t stand: Tailgaters
I can’t get enough: Chocolate
Role model: My older brother and sister. They are the reason I grew up on classic rock.
Most embarrassing moment: When I was working on the air at a station in Boston back in the mid-90’s, I accidentally called the “Big Dig” construction project the “Big D#@*” on the air. YIKES!

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