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Birth date: June 16th….’72….Gemini!
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut….that would explain the deep passion for the Sox
Hampton Roads resident since: Lived here back in the 90’s, met my wife here and my son was born here, to our family, Hampton Roads is our hometown.
With the Fox since: 2010….love minute of it.
Hobbies: I grill everything and I love to try to reproduce the recipes restaurants use. Love to coach kids….I’ve coached 11 Little League Spring, Fall and All Star teams. There is nothing better than teaching the kids the value of teamwork.

Band or artist: Aerosmith, Eagles, Van Halen
Song: I’m torn….Take It Easy, Sweet Emotion, Back–n-Black
Album: Van Halen 1
Concert: AC/DC, except for the end of show mooning. AC/DC fans know what I’m talking about.
TV shows: 24…why did it have to end? For some reason, I am totally hooked on Ghosthunters. SNL
Movie: Blues Brothers….Old School….Wedding Crashers
Food: Wings, BBQ
Superhero: Spiderman rocks
Cartoon: Family Guy, I watch them over and over again
Sports teams: Sox, Pats, Skins, Tech and anybody that beats the Cowboys on any given Sunday.
Biggest mistake: Ever leaving here!
I went into radio because: Loved to entertain and I loved the morning shows in my hometown and thought it was cool. It just seemed to fit.
When I hit the lottery: I’m going to buy the Redskins and demote Dan Snyder to a parking lot attendant
People would be surprised to know: I used to weigh forty pounds heavier
I can’t stand: People that take America for granted
I can’t get enough: Going to live sporting events….even high school games. It’s the best way to see it.
Role model: My mom, the most loyal and giving person I know
Most embarrassing moment: I umpired an entire Little League baseball game with my zipper down.

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